Attached is a short summary report of a summer 2014 pilot survey conducted to investigate occurrence patterns of river otters in the Kali River, Karwar.  The survey is a joint collaborative effort between TeMI and the Karnataka Forest Department.  To our knowledge, this is one of the first studies investigating river otters in this area.

Project Summary Report


Field Work conducted by Rahul Kumar.  Technical Advisors and Resource/Logistics Support – Mridula Srinivasan and Annie Kurian. Funding support provided by TeMI and additional support provided by Karnataka Forest Department.

Special thanks to the Mr. T.M. Heeralal (Divisional Forest Officer of Karwar) for his overall interest and support for the project.

A very special thanks to the following who contributed to the successful completion of this project:

  • The Karnataka Forest Department for giving permission to carry out the study.
  • T.M. Heeralal (DFO), ACF, RFO, Mr. Shikander (Forest Guard) & Mr. Tukaram (Forest Guard) of Karwar Forest Department.
  • D.R. Naik for providing lodging

A special note of gratitude to Md. Mustak Ahmed Yumjakria, the auto-rickshaw driver, who was critical to survey completion and provided transportation throughout the survey period.

Miscellaneous Field Shots from Karwar, India. All photos by Rahul Kumar. (Check out our Facebook site for exciting video clips of river otters)

Miscellaneous Field Shots from Karwar, India. All photos by Rahul Kumar.

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