Some of the presentations from the 2013 Timi-Kurm Fest, Karwar. Links to talks shared by individual speakers are provided below. These presentations are strictly for educational purposes only.

1. Anthropogenic Noise and Marine Species Impacts-Cdr.(Dr) Arnab Das Part 1

2. Anthropogenic Noise and Marine Species Impacts Cdr.(Dr) Arnab Das Part 2

3. An Introduction to Marine Mammals- Dr.Mridula Srinivasan

4. Marine Mammals Karwar- Dr. S.Hargi

5. Sharks-Conservation Awareness 2013-C.Samyukta, HSI

6. Responsible fishing- Dr.J.Rathod

7. Sea Turtles –Talk was combined with a skit and videos on sea turtle life history and conservation. Jointly presented by Dr. Annie Kurian, FSL-India Team, and Ravi Pandit from Canara Green Academy.