Timi-Kurm Festival 2013

(Whale-Turtle Festival)

October 18th, 19th and 20that Karwar, Uttara Kannada


  In support of Fishermen Livelihoods, Marine Life and Western Ghats Conservation

Organised by Terra Marine Research Institute, India

In Partnership with Jungle Lodges and Resorts-Karnataka, District Science Centre-Karwar. Amrita Herbal Research Centre-Karwar and Fishing Community of Karwar

 Timi-Kurm or Whale-Turtle Festival is a unique and proposed annual event that brings together people from various walks of life for a common cause —  the importance of  protecting Karwar’s unique natural resources and joining forces to sustain the livelihoods of disadvantaged communities at the event but in the future as well.

It Aims to:

1)     Educate and spread public awareness about Karwar’s natural wealth, wildlife diversity – marine and coastal, fishing community concerns and practical solutions to resolve environmental challenges within the Karwar context.

2)     Provide a venue for a diverse group of environmental professionals and stakeholders across Karnataka’s coast to build an environmental coastal network to address coastal conservation issues by sharing resources, lessons learned, and scientific information. To engage in environmental education and protection programmes that includes the Western Ghats and Coasts related to coastal clean-ups, afforestation programmes and marine mammal and sea turtle stranding response.

3)     Provide a platform for under-represented communities such as –artisanal fishermen, small-scale organic farmers/industries, and rural artisans to exhibit and sell their products, farm produce, and to socialize the larger community about the issues, concerns, and needs of these under-represented groups and to contribute to sustainable livelihood initiatives.

4)  Help the young and old in Karwar connect and nurture an interest for protecting their natural world, meet specialists in the field, and be exposed to the need for future conservation and research.

Activities and Sessions :-

  • Eco-field trips to Expose and Educate 1) Dolphin observations in the beautiful near shore waters of Karwar; 2) Birds and Insect Life observations in the Devbag Coastal Forest; 3) Trip into the islands of the Kali River Estuary for Mangrove Flora and Fauna Observations; 4) Trip up the Western Ghats to learn about wild and reared endangered medicinal and aromatic plants; and 5) Indoor and Outdoor sessions on Sea Turtles and their nesting places.
  • Marine Debris/Plastic trash pick-up during eco-field trips.
  • Theme-based Environmental Presentations/Videos and Question & Answer sessions with specialists in the field.
  • Primer on Responding to Stranded Marine Life –Whales, Dolphins, Sea Turtles
  • Exhibition and Sale of local-rural arts and crafts that are ecologically sustainable, and Organic Farm Produce to help Karwar’s Fishing and Small scale Agricultural communities.
  • Environmental awareness events for children and young adults.
  • Cultural Shows by Local Dancers/Artists and Fishing Community on Karwar’s Coastal traditions.
  • Traditional Food of Karwar and Surrounding Areas.

Funds raised from the event will go in support of some of the disadvantaged families of Artisanal fishing communities of Karwar for supplementing their livelihoods through alternate sources of income in context of reduced fish catches and  insurmountable debt. It will also support a volunteer network constituted by Terra Marine Research Institute, India in collaboration with other coastal stakeholders for responding to stranded marine life, engage in coastal cleanups, educational and conservation activities.

Participants Targeted– Karwar residents and Fishing Communities, Government Officials, Local Schools and Colleges, Academic and Scientific Institutes, Local Traditional Artists, Agriculturists, Karnataka Forest, Naval, Police, and Ports Department Staff, Non-Governmental Organizations, Environmental Professionals from Karnataka, India and USA, and Tourists.

    1) terramarineinstitute@gmail.com

    2)  Anant Pande # 9468491649


    3)  Abhishek Jamalabad # 98338 51731

         Email abhishek.jamalabad@gmail.com

For more information about the event, please contact the following people from Terra Marine Research Institute or send an email to terramarineresearchinstitute@gmail.com/tmri@ymail.com

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